coal preparation plant Beringen

In March 2018 the province of Limburg granted a demolishing permit for the main parts of the huge coal preparation plant which dominates the mining site. The plant has been protected as a historic monument in 1994... The Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology and some local associations went to the court against this, which suspended the permit.
However, the minister responsible for architectural heritage subsequently decided to lift the protection to allow the destruction. The Flemish Heritage Committee gave a well-reasoned negative opinion. In spite of this, the Minister continues, and from February 18 a public inquiry will take place, in which citizens and associations can give their opinion. It is hoped that as much as possible protest against the lifting of the protection and the granting of a demolition permit will be sent in, from home and abroad.
Send a registered letter with your objection against the unprotection of this building - it has to arrive before March 19th at the latest

see details on the website of the Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology.


coal preparation plant and the coal mine of Beringen